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On-Air Hosts: Joey O

Y-Rocks Joey O

Y-Rock on XPN Host

10+ Things You Might Not Know About Joey O.

Born & Raised

What the local meteorologists refer to as the "northern and western suburbs."

First Record Purchased

With my own money? Probably "Weird Al" Yankovic's mid-'90's classic Alapalooza.

First Cassette Owned

Blank tapes! The tape recorder was one of my favorite toys growing up...

First Concert

Not counting local bands connected to my high school/circle of friends? Once again, "Weird Al" Yankovic, at the late, lamented Valley Forge Music Fair!

Favorite Bands/Artists

R.E.M., Radiohead, They Might Be Giants, U2, Beck, Wilco, The Beatles, Soul Coughing/Mike Doughty solo, Ben Folds (Five), Talking Heads, Fountains Of Wayne, Garbage, Elvis Costello, Weezer, Beastie Boys, The Clash, Cake, The White Stripes, and the list goes on and on...

Favorite Local Bands

I'm sure my pals in McReadyRock and Milton & the Devils Party would be upset if I didn't give them a shameless plug here...

Favorite Movies

E.T. was the first movie I saw in the theaters, I'm incapable of going more than 24 hours without referencing Ghostbusters 1 or 2 and the Back to the Future trilogy makes Citizen Kane look like Snow Dogs.

Musician You Were Excited to Meet

Meeting R.E.M. was pretty surreal in a quick meet-and-greet/photo op.

Y-Rocks Joey O with Carbon Silicon

How You Got into Radio

The "old fashioned way." (Seriously, it's increasingly difficult to take this path!) An internship at Y100 in college led to being a board operator, which led to overnight/weekend/part-time airshifts.

Weirdest Boss

Am I contractually required to say Bruce Warren?

A few More Things You Don't Know About Joey O.

1) Ben - You don't know me.
2) Regina - You don't know me.
3) Both - You don't know me (at all).
4) Joey worked for WPLY (Y100)/Philadelphia, and the world!

Joey's picks for Best CDs and Songs of 2009 from XPN's Year In Review

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