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2:06-- Quest-ionable: Gotta be fast - these are all short songs
2:13-- Quest-ionable: ahhh - when Philly MEANT sumthin'!
2:18-- Bella Tacle-donna: yay rob!
2:19-- Guest_3118: hey Robert since your doing philly stuff. how bout some tommy conwell
2:20-- Bella Tacle-donna: GULP
2:23-- rmrdaddy: what's up miscreants?
2:23-- Quest-ionable: saw mmi as much as I saw Quincy, backindaday
2:23-- Quest-ionable: heewo, RMRMR
2:24-- rmrdaddy: OH HAI
2:24-- Haveeair: There he is
2:24-- Quest-ionable: Hair! Hair! Hair! *gulp*
2:27-- Bella Tacle-donna: i call lots of people electric love muffin ha
2:27-- Haveeair: It zaps
2:29-- Quest-ionable: I only saw them open - couldn't be bothered going to a headlining show.
2:30-- Roberto Smitho: Great tunes.
2:32-- Bella Tacle-donna: yaaaay bunnydrums! i always forget how good they are :)
2:32-- Quest-ionable: Bunnydrums is about as far from Bruce Jenner as you can get!
2:33-- Bella Tacle-donna: GULP
2:34-- Johnny Quest: *gulp*
2:36-- Johnny Quest: ha! I heard the record clicks & pops on this one
2:36-- Bella Tacle-donna: wheres my ru?
2:37-- Johnny Quest: tornado
2:40-- Johnny Quest: beats me - mebbe some Kennel-ites will chime in?
2:48-- BoojiBoy: This voice sounds very familiar
2:50-- Johnny Quest: It's the dulcet tones that brought us "Punk Rock Girl"
2:50-- rmrdaddy: his accent is so bad it's funny, I always thought that
2:50-- BoojiBoy: Joe Jack Talcum!
2:50-- Bella Tacle-donna: yup booji - joe :)
2:52-- Bella Tacle-donna: joe is so dreamy :) GULP
2:53-- Johnny Quest: to Mikey Wild -- *gulp*
2:57-- Johnny Quest: time to Die Die Die
2:57-- Bella Tacle-donna: night all <3
2:58-- Bella Tacle-donna: oh drake how i love thee <3
2:58-- Johnny Quest: RD was a punk . . . who gets up at 5am to walk the dog.
2:59-- Bella Tacle-donna: us punks are known for our love of animals ;)
3:00-- Robert.Drake: hahah - and with that - i'm gonna go out and face the wind chills


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

Land of the Lost - Last 10 Played

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