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5:48-- Lance: hong not hung
5:48-- Lance: O.O
5:48-- Nacle Princess: Freudian slip!
5:48-- Johnny Quest: goes with tonight's theme
5:48-- Nacle Princess: my brain wants to get up and dance, body, not so much
5:49-- Lance: or wishful thinking
5:50-- BoojiBoy: RUSH THE BOX
5:50-- Nacle Princess: damn right booj! see y'all met me after i broke my ankle :(
5:50-- Johnny Quest: for the Gas Explosion house in Stafford Twp
5:51-- Nacle Princess: daaaamn q
5:52-- Johnny Quest: :D
5:52-- Robert.Drake: ok kids ... thx for staying late and keeping me company ... gonna get my stuff packed up while i cue up the final cut ...
5:52-- BoojiBoy: Thanks, Robert!
5:53-- Lance: later rd
5:53-- Nacle Princess: MWAH PAPA D
5:53-- Johnny Quest: night RD. See u at Go4 ??
5:53-- Robert.Drake: yup
5:54-- Nacle Princess: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay dazzzzzle
5:56-- Heino?: Great show as usual Robert!
5:56-- Johnny Quest: Stay warm, gang. & keep those faucets tricklin'. Nytol
5:56-- Nacle Princess: night gang!
5:56-- BoojiBoy: I'll be plenty warm. Super replaced our radiator...
5:56-- BoojiBoy: I'm swearing in my underoos here
5:57-- BoojiBoy: sweating
5:58-- Johnny Quest: if you were under Ru, you'd be sweating. O.O
5:58-- Lance: night nacle
5:58-- BoojiBoy: ba-dum-tish
5:58-- Nacle Princess: night lance link!
5:59-- Lance: 8)
5:59-- Johnny Quest: bye for now. I'll miss yas.
5:59-- Lance: bye q
6:00-- Nacle Princess: qbear ill see ya 2 weeks :)
6:00-- Johnny Quest: 'k
6:00-- Heino?: bye bye guys
6:01-- Lance: bye heino
6:09-- Lance: nite all


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

Land of the Lost - Last 10 Played

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