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Ernesto Lechner talks about his favorite singer, Joe Arroyo, an influential Columbian musician. He began singing at the age of 10 in the whorehouses of Cartagena. He was discovered by Fruko when he was a teenager and joined Fruko's band, Fruko Y Sus Tesos. In the 1980s, Arroyo pursued a solo career. He established a unique tropical sound called "Joeson" ("Joe's sound") that mixes salsa, calypso, zouk, compas, meringue, cumbia, and Columbian folklore.

This installment is an encore presentation of Latin Roots #15 of World Cafe's Latin Roots music series is hosted by Chicago-based journalist Catalina Maria Johnson. She writes in Spanish and English for publications such as HOY, Revista Contratiempo, Gozamos and Nat Geo Music. and is a regular radio personality and hosts/producer for the radio program Beat Latino, which airs in Chicago, Mexico City and Berlin.

In the late 19th century, Rumba started to emerge in the port city of Matanzas, an hour east of Havana. Rumba is more than just a style of music. It is a unique cultural blend of ryhtym, dance, and poetry. Cuban rumba begins with a chant upon which different elements are added. It is an important part of Afro-Cuban culture, and in its earliest forms served as a form of personal entertainment - the style was played in backyards or on the streets with family and friends - and often times an outlet for protest. The music is held together by a clave beat and melds congolese drumming with traditional call-and-response in either flamenco or Moorish styles. Cuban Rumba laid the foundation for many other distinct styles of Latin music and informs modern Latin hip-hop and salsa. Las Krudas are an Austin-based hip-hop act that incorporate many cuban rumba elements.

Coming off one of the most successful albums of her career, Neko Case reflects on the past four years with her new release The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You. Unfortunately the years between albums were spent dealing with the loss of family members and the grief that unavoidably followed. As a result, this new album is perhaps her most personal record to date. But as you'll hear, Case's strong-willed persona maintains as does her signature storytelling and dazzling vocals.

San Antonio native Alejandro Escovedo is the co-host of this sixteenth installment of Latin Roots, here to discuss the Latin character of his hometown's music in the 1950's. Escovedo's music has a strong Latin influence as a result of growing up in San Antoinio and listening to his parent's music. His Dad played mariachi, and his parents also to rancheras, country, and big band music - which all seeped into what he does today.

Chicago-based music journalist Catalina Maria Johnson hosts this fourteenth installment of World Cafe's Latin Roots music series. The bilingual and bicultural journalist is half Swedish and half Mexican and grew up in two cities both name St. Louis, one in Missouri, and the other, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She writes in Spanish and English for publications such as HOY, Revista Contratiempo, Gozamos and Nat Geo Music. She is a regular radio personality and hosts/produces the bilingual radio program Beat Latino, which airs in Chicago, Mexico City and Berlin.

This installment of the Latin Roots Series explores Bossa Nova music, guided by Latin music expert, Ernesto Lechner. Lechner grew up in Buenos Aires where his parents' record collection consisted of classical records and a solitary Bossa Nova LP. He later immigrated to Los Angeles where he was immersed in Latin music and subsequently became a music journalist and published several books on Latin music.

Today is the last day to see the National Constitution Center's interactive 1968 Exhibit", about one of the most intense, eventful, important and tumultuous years in 20th century history. It was a year when Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix were high on the music charts and on drugs, and when Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders soared "Eight Miles High" into space to become the first humans to travel to the moon and back on Apollo 8. In 1968 television brought the Vietnam War home to America on the nightly news and revealed the war at home as protests against the war increased and activists clashed with police on the streets of Chicago outside the Democratic National Convention.

The Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, today starts a film series starring actors who "usually play nice guys but who are cast in these movies as despicable human beings." In A Face In The Crowd, Andy Griffith's film debut, the man America loved as TV's small town sheriff Andy Taylor on Mayberry R.F.D. plays Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes, a small town drunk, drifter and country musician who rises to fame and influence on national television.

This episode of Latin Roots features Felix Contreras, co-host of Alt.Latino, NPR's online music program about Latin Alternative music. Also a reporter and producer for NPR's Arts Desk, Contreras specializes in jazz, world music and Latino arts and culture. A part-time musician who plays Afro-Cuban percussion in several Latin and jazz bands, Contreras is uniquely qualified to discuss Latin Alternative music. In this episode, he speaks about boogaloo, how it developed and how it impacts Latin music today.

On this seventh segment of the Latin Roots Music Series, Josh Norek is back. The co-host and executive producer of The Latin Alternative - a one hour radio show of Latin funk, hip-hop, and electronica - ( is in the studio to lay down some Latin funk beats and describe the origins of this genre. Norek is also a musician, producer, and journalist who currently works for the Latin indie label Nacional Records as VP of Business Affairs & Digital Relations.

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