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The Saint Johns

The St. Johns The St. Johns
Courtesy of the Artist
A New City And A New Sound For The Saint Johns

April 29, 2013 - A little reinvention never hurt. The Nashville duo of Jordan Meredith and Louis Johnson met in St Augustine, Florida, and quickly discovered how well they sang together.

The moved to New York City and became Augustine with appropriate buzz. Now the duo reside in Nashville and have become The St Johns putting out their gorgeous new songs on a free EP on the internet. That is how we discovered them. Listen to two of the songs from The Live Sessions EP. There is much to love in this incarnation of The St Johns.

Get a free download from their website.

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Session Playlist
The Saint Johns/ "All That You Need" /The Live Sessions EP
The Saint Johns/"Your Head Your Heart" /The Live Sessions EP

Recent Release: The Live Sessions EP
Release Date:
Label: unsigned
Band Origin: Florida Natives, now making Nashville their home